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Special Promotion

For a flat fee of $600, CompuSleuth will forensically analyze a disk drive and search for up to 24 keywords. We will execute a search that includes every instance of the keywords, whether it be in a deleted file, message, viewed web page, Word® document, or any other active or deleted file that resides on the disk drive. This initial step will help determine if further analysis is warranted.

$600 Analysis - What Is Included:

  • The suspect disk drive is received, and catalogued.
  • A chain-of-custody log is created.
  • The suspect drive is forensically duplicated (imaged) using court accepted tools.
  • The original evidence is properly maintained and is never modified.
  • CompuSleuth interviews the client to gather relevant details of the case.
  • CompuSleuth searches the entire disk drive for up to 24 keywords provided by the client. This search encompasses nearly all types of electronically stored data.
  • CompuSleuth works with the client to determine the relevance of the findings.

Note: This analysis is intended to be the first step in identifying potential evidence. It applies to the analysis of a single hard drive and is not meant to be used in a complex matter involving more than one hard drive. The potential client must deliver the hard drive directly to CompuSleuth or additional fees will be incurred. Any drives other than industry standard EIDE/ATA/SATA/MSATA disk drives and/or drives larger than 1TB may incur additional costs. Please contact us for further information.