Data Filtering

CompuSleuth, using its highly specialized toolset, is able to sort through nearly all electronically stored data so that the following can be accomplished:

  • Identify computer files from key individuals involved in the case.

  • Search by keyword for relevancy and privilege.

  • Flag common files, such as operating system files, which are irrelevant to the case.

Data Collection

CompuSleuth's technicians are capable of collecting data from multiple geographic locations, IT platforms, email systems and business software applications.

On-Site Data Gathering Experts

CompuSleuth's data collection experts have experience with a multitude of hardware and software platforms. We have experience working with IT departments to minimize downtime and disruption. All CompuSleuth services, including the analysis and processing stages, are performed on a mirror image copy of the data to ensure that the original is kept intact. The imaging process is non-destructive to the data and does not require the operating system to be "booted," which ensures that the system is not altered in any way during the imaging process.

When collection and analysis are complete, CompuSleuth project managers work closely with the client to orchestrate the delivery of electronic data for review.